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KCFCU School Programs:

Kapaa High School: Warrior Credit Union Student Branch

Kapaa Elementary School: Bank Bus Program

Kilauea Elementary School: Bank Bus Program

Ele'ele Elementary School: Kid Saver Program (aka Bank Bus Program)

Bank Bus Program Overview:

In an effort to encourage savings at a young age, KCFCU Staff arrive on campus to collect students' deposits. Deposit envelopes are sent home with students prior to Bank Bus days with instructions for parents to assist their students in completing the age appropriate deposit forms. This is meant to be a fun, real-world learning experience for our keiki. We encourage parents to open a children's account for your student so they can participate in the program.

Kapaa Elementary Bank Bus Program:

High School Students and Staff from the Warrior Credit Union arrive at Kapaa Elementary to walk the elementary students over to WCU at Kapaa High School to conduct their deposits. This occurs on Wednesday mornings.

Kilauea School Bank Bus Program:

KCFCU staff arrives on site on Wednesday mornings to collect students deposits. Wednesdays in the Cafeteria from 7:10am-7:55am.

Ele'ele Kid Saver Program: (aka Bank Bus)

KCFCU staff arrives on site to collect student deposits. Ele'ele School has been running this program for several years and the students collectively save about $30k every year. Good job, Ele'ele School!

To allow your student to participate in any of the above programs, open a child account online at or at any of our five branch offices. Alternatively, we offer Parent Account Opening Nights during the school year. Bring your child's birth certificate and social security card.